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UNEP Resolutions Portal

About UNEP Resolutions portal

The UNEP Resolutions portal is a password protected platform accessible to Member States and other accredited organizations which contains draft resolutions and decisions to be considered by upcoming sessions of UNEA. It also includes relevant information relating to the drafts under discussion, such as concept notes, secretariat technical notes, co-sponsorships, and written contributions provided by Member States on different versions of the draft following negotiations.

The platform provides access to all resolutions passed by the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) since its third session. The platform is also used by other processes as a web-based access to all official documents and statements related to specific meetings.

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To create an account, go to Login/Register and select “I want to create an account”. Once you filled in details to create an account, you will receive an automated email confirming that your request is under review. Once your account has been approved, you will receive another e-mail containing the information about how to log-in.

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In-case you already have an account but you have forgotten your password, please click on Forgot password. You will receive an email with a temporary login link and further instructions on how to get a new password.

Technical support

Please contact us for any technical support at unep-gao-techsupport[a]

Guidelines for UNEA-6 draft resolutions and decisions

The guidance note for the submission of draft resolutions and decisions to be considered by UNEA-6 can be accessed here.

UNEA Monitoring and Reporting Portal

Please login to the UNEA Monitoring and Reporting Portal for access to, monitoring and reporting of previous UNEA Resolutions, Ministerial Declarations and Decisions.

UNEA-6 Draft Resolutions

Note: Submitted draft resolutions and decisions will be made available here and will include all relevant information including focal points for the main sponsor of the resolution, co-sponsors, background documentation, secretariat technical notes, and different versions of the draft.